1984 at present

See Important Quotations Explained From a drawer in a little alcove hidden from the telescreen, Winston pulls out a small diary he recently purchased. He found the diary in a secondhand store in the proletarian district, where the very poor live relatively unimpeded by Party monitoring. The proles, as they are called, are so impoverished and insignificant that the Party does not consider them a threat to its power. Winston begins to write in his diary, although he realizes that this constitutes an act of rebellion against the Party.

1984 at present

The members of the Party are the ones who dictate what happens to the poor and the poor Just tolerate it. Also, the Party blinds the proles by trivial matters such as sports, films.

Another Issue that I would Iike to tackle would be the Issue on privacy. With the current advancements in technology, the world has shrunk and information is only just a click away. Now, Just find an internet connection and Just type what ou want to know In search engines.

But sometimes there Is Information that should not be accessible to strangers.

1984 at present

This is similar to the telescreen where the government is capable of watching your every move and is even capable of reading thoughts and facial expressions that might show that one is against the government. Also the Thought Police would be an invasion of privacy.

Just imagine a world where if you 1984 at present thinking of something bad about the government or even act slightly suspicious, the government will know of it immediately through cameras everywhere and will punish you for treason. They will not even give you a proper trial.

Education is also another issue that I would like to tackle because I find it very relatable here in the Philippines.

Similar to my example a while ago, some people might not even be aware that income taxes are not to be transferred to the consumers. I guess most people are not aware of this because this is not taught in elementary or high school. In our class on economic development, I liked the concept of trying to create an nstitution that would give the people an idea of what Jobs are on the market to avoid the problem of having too much nurses in our current situation in the Philippines.

But as we have discussed in our class, some want to keep the people poor so that they will not realize what is happening around them. The education system was also changed to brainwash children from the start and even start to spy on their parents if they had committed thoughtcrime.

Finally I would want to highlight the concept of war. Inwar was shown to be an avenue of the government to spend money for something that might not even exist and it is also a way for the Party to spend the income of the proles.

Take the case of the Iraqi war during the Bush administration. The American government was so persistent to start the war because Iraq was thought to have nuclear weapons and for housing Saddam Hussein only to find out that neither was true at the expense of soldiers, ammunition, and the lives of one hundred thousand civilians.

In the book, it howed there that the war is actually a stalemate, and the government only wants to prolong the war to keep the people poor and they even bomb their own territory to make the proles believe that they still at war. They also make up news to show the people that there is something that is happening in the war but nothing is actually happening.

These are the problems in the world which makes it feel like we are slowly living in He showed us a world where there is no hope anymore. The people are Just living pointless lives and the overnment is able to dictate how others will live.

In the Philippines alone, you will already see that the rich are the ones who control everything, the middle class are aware of this but cannot make the change since they are too few, and the majority, still time to change before everything is too late, and we have to do something in order for that to happen.

As what Winston Smith said, the hope lies in the proles they are Just not conscious of the power they possess.Jun 06,  · Maybe isn't such a thing of the past.

One of the most defining characteristics of Orwell's novel is the extent of Big Brother's surveillance state. Shown above is a screenshot from a A summary of Themes in George Orwell's Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as .

VIN/Model Year Description Trans Engine Model Serial Number * K Garden Tractor 8 Speed Kohler KS K Garden T. Jan 20,  · Orwells '' has parallels to reality of present day. By Misha Berson. Seattle Times theater critic. Theater preview "," by George Orwell, .

Feb 07,  · Read about the history of Centralia Pennsylvania from to the present day. Learn about the relocation effort and the residents who fought to stay.

1984 at present

In a mine fire began under Centralia, PA. Today the town is gone. History of Centralia PA, to Present. Jun 06,  · Telescreens are present in upper- and middle-class homes, but not in the "prole" homes, because the government doesn't really care what the poor people are doing anyway.

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