Essay on realism

Realism Often times in literature the style of realism is used. When realism is used it focuses on characters instead of setting and plot. Characterization in this manner can make the characters vivid and realistic to the reader.

Essay on realism

Knowledge through experience and uniformity of all things. Comenius advocated universal education and natural method of education.

Essay on realism

He favoured continuous teaching till learning is achieved and advocated mother-tongue to precede other subjects. The positive contribution of neo-realism is its acceptance of the methods and results of modern Essay on realism in physics. It believes that rules and procedures of science are changeable from time to time according to the conditions of prevailing circumstances.

Whitehead said that an organism is formed by the consciousness and the unconsciousness, the moveable and immovable thing.

Essay title: Realism

Education should give to child full-scale knowledge of an organism. Man should understand all values very clearly for getting full knowledge about organism. Bertrand Russell emphasized sensory development of the child. He favoured analytical method and classification.

He assigned no place to religion and supported physics to be included as one of the foremost subjects of study. Further, he opposed emotional strain in children as it leads to development of fatigue. Realism asserts that education is a preparation for life, for education equips the child by providing adequate training to face the crude realities of life with courage as he or she would perform various roles such as a citizen, a worker, a husband, a housewife, Essay on realism member of the group, etc.

As such, education concerns with problems of life of the child. Chief Characteristics of Education: The following are the chief characteristics of realistic education: Realism emphasized scientific education. It favored the inclusion of scientific subjects in he curriculum and of natural education.


Natural education is based on science which is real. The focal point of realistic education is the present life of the child. As it focuses upon the real and practical problems of the life, it aims at welfare and happiness of the child. It emphasizes experiments, experience and practical knowledge.

Realistic education supports learning by doing and practical work for enabling the child to solve his or her immediate practical problems for leading a happy and successful life.

Essay on realism

Realistic education strongly condemned all bookish knowledge, for it does not help the child to face the realities of life adequately. It does not enable the child to decipher the realities of external things and natural phenomena.

According to realists, child should be given full freedom to develop his self according to his innate tendencies. Further, they view that such freedom should promote self-discipline and self-control the foundation of self development. Unlike idealists who impose knowledge from above, realists advocated self-learning through senses which need to be trained.

Since, senses are the doors of knowledge, these needs to be adequately nurtured and trained. Realists give importance to individuality and sociability of the child equally. Bacon lucidly states that realistic education develops the individual on the one hand and tries to develop social trails on the other through the development of social consciousness and sense of service of the individual.

The following aims of education are articulated by the realists: The chief aim of realistic education is to prepare the child to lead a happy and good life. Education enables the child to solve his problems of life adequately and successfully.

Realists believe that the external material world is the real world which one must know through the senses. The aim of education is to prepare a child for real life of material world.

According to realists, another important aim of education is to enable the child to solve different life problems by using the faculty of mind: Realists thought that development of senses is the sine-qua-non for realization of the material world.

Therefore, the aim of education is to help the development of senses fully by providing varied experiences. It is an another aim of realistic education to help the child to know the nature and social environment for leading a successful life. According to realists, another important aim of education is to provide vocational knowledge, information, skill etc.Philosophy: Idealism Vs Realism: Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) Explains Absolute Truth (Realism), Idealism vs.


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Absolute Truth from Necessary Connection of One Thing (Space) and its Properties (Wave-Medium). Quotes Quotations Kant Plato Idealism Realism. American Realism American Realism was a late nineteenth-century literary movement that began as a reaction against romanticism and the sentimental tradition associated primarily with women writers.

This essay will seek to discuss how realism and its main principles can be useful in understanding current events in international relations. According to online source,, realism is the way how we perceive things in life, accepting them for what they are.

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