Handout exploring plate tecton

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Handout exploring plate tecton

The teacher should give students approximately twenty minutes to complete the pre-test. The teacher should give each student a copy of the Background Information handout see attached document.

The teacher should allow students approximately ten minutes to read the passage, asking students to focus on the meaning of the vocabulary words in bold text. After students have had ample time to read the passage, the teacher should give each student a copy of the Plate Tectonics Word Search see attached document.

The teacher should allow students to complete the word search, which focuses on vocabulary words related to plate tectonics. The students will need to keep the word search for the next two parts of this plate tectonics module.

Days 2, 3, and 4 Activity A-The Continents: A Jigsaw Puzzle Day 2 Note: The teacher should set up each lab station before students begin the activity.


Each student will need a copy of Handout A see attached document. The students should be divided into groups of four 2. The students will complete the procedures listed on the lab sheet and answer the reflection questions after completing the lab activity.

This lab will model continental separation.

Handout exploring plate tecton

Each student will need a copy of the Pangaea Modeling Activity handout and Handout B see attached documents. The students should be divided into partners, and each partner group should be paired with another group four students total. Each partner group will need one set of the Pangaea Modeling Activity Puzzle Pieces see attached documentone blank sheet of paper, one pair of scissors, and glue or tape.

Each pair of partners will share one globe. The students should work with their partner to cut out the pieces of Pangaea and match the pieces together, similar to how a puzzle is assembled. After students have assembled the puzzle, they should tape the Pangaea pieces to the blank sheet of paper and answer the questions found on Handout B.

Then, students will cut out the pieces and work with their group members to match the edges of the continental pieces together into a supercontinent.

Students will discuss how the evidence matches their arrangement of the continents.

Handout exploring plate tecton

The teacher should give each student a copy of Handout C see attached document. Next, the teacher should give each student a copy of Handout D see attached document. This document requires students to review the concepts of this lesson in a written response format.

If the teacher identifies that students need additional review before the summative assessment, the teacher may show students the Pangaea PowerPoint presentation to review the concepts demonstrated during the lab activities see attached presentation.

The teacher should explain to students that this post-test will allow students to demonstrate the knowledge they acquired during the lab activities.Plate Tectonics Activity/ Plate Tectonics Foldable/ Tecton See more.

More compact infosheet on plate tectonics, maybe a personal handout for students. Shoreline Science: Exploring the Erosive Energy of Waves: Scientific American - Neat science experiment for earth science!

Using Google Earth to Explore Plate Tectonics Laurel Goodell, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ [email protected] You are about to erase all the values you have customized, search history, page format, etc.

Click here to RESET all values Click here to GO BACK without resetting any value. Laurel Goodell February 1 Introduction to Plate Tectonics via Google Earth The theory of plate tectonics posits that the Earth’s lithosphere (crust and upper mantle) is broken into a number of jigsaw.

This Exploring Plate Tectonics Worksheet is suitable for 7th - 9th Grade. In this plate tectonics worksheet, students answer questions about plate movement, the types of boundaries, the history of Earth's crusts and plate tectonics.

They use an on line source to get their answers. This lesson is the first of a three-part unit on plate tectonics, which includes hands-on, inquiry-based activities. In this lesson, students will construct a model of continental separation and the ancient supercontinent, Pangaea.

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