Joint custody

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Joint custody

Solomon is an experienced divorce attorney offering fast, simple and affordable solutions to your Joint custody and family law problems. She is an excellent family lawyer who offers fast, inexpensive divorces for people who have everything settled and is also highly skilled in handling contested divorce and custody matters.

Your children, home, and property all hang in the balance. Solomon is a talented and professional negotiator and litigator who will fight for your rights. For uncontested divorces in Virginia, Ms.

Physical Custody

Solomon can usually obtain an express divorce for clients in about 3 weeks and for a small additional fee, in about 2 weeks. In contested divorces, whether its how to value a business or finding hidden assets, Ms.

Solomon understands complex business and financial matters and is well known for her business acumen. She successfully negotiated dozens of complicated multi-million dollar national and international corporate and government contracts.

Joint custody

She combines an understanding of financial complexities with effective and compassionate representation to get you your fair share of the marital assets. Fair is not always equal in Virginia. Each case must be evaluated on its own facts.

Did you put separate money into a marital asset? Did you inherit property or money? Did you personally improve property? Did you gift or deed your spouse real estate or did they do so to you? Did your spouse spend marital money on a lover?

All of these issues can have a significant impact on the equitable division of assets in a divorce. Some assets are marital, others are separate while still others are hybrid: The court uses more than one technical formula to determine the marital and separate share of assets and to divide them.

Did your spouse spend money or incur for non-marital purposes? Make sure your division of property is fair by utilizing the experienced firm of the Solomon Law Group.

Whether you are looking for legal advice or for a lawyer for divorce, call the experienced attorneys at the Solomon Law Group. Put a skilled, experienced, and aggressive family law attorney with an extensive business and financial background on your side to zealously guard your property and watch out for your rights.

She is knowledgeable in evaluating financial, vocational and psychological professionals as needed for custody, visitation, complex property, or spousal support claims. Solomon has extensive experience in evaluating small or family-owned businesses as well as large businesses, investments, retirement funds, and pensions.

At the Solomon Law Group, our goal is to advocate for you and to protect your rights, your property, your children, and your future throughout the divorce process. We are your voice, your protector, and your advocate in the courtroom.

To schedule a consultation, call or contact us by email at msolomon solomonlaw. Our attorneys will give you a straight forward evaluation of your case and devise a strategy to meet your goals as fully as possible.

If you are thinking about divorce and want to know your rights or have received divorce papers and need to know your options, our divorce lawyers will provide you with effective legal representation. With over 27 years of combined experience, our family law attorneys will help you achieve your goals as fast and cost-effectively as possible.

We know divorce law! When you need an attorney for divorce, you want a lawyer who knows divorce law and who you can turn to for legal advice about divorce.

Joint custody

Call us to find out how to divorce your spouse and keep all the assets you are entitled to. Contact the Solomon Law Group for a consultation with an experienced Virginia divorce lawyer. We can handle the entire divorce via email if you prefer not to come in for an appointment.Shared parenting refers to a collaborative arrangement in child custody or divorce determinations in which both parents have the right and responsibility of being involved in the raising of the child(ren).

The term is often used as a synonym for joint physical custody, but the exact definitions vary, with different jurisdictions defining it in different ways, and different sources using the. After separation, a court will make an initial determination on child custody.

Learn the difference between legal custody, physical custody, sole custody and joint custody.

Courts will generally grant physical custody to one parent, often with visitation to the other parent, and legal custody to one or both parents.

It is often the case that a court will give both parents joint legal custody.. Courts differ on the exact definition of joint legal custody. Joint custody can be joint physical custody, joint legal custody, or both.

Most people understand that physical custody has to do with where the child will live. If one parent is granted sole physical custody, the child will reside with that parent.

Example of a Joint Legal and Physical Custody Arrangement Example: Mother and Father are divorced, and agree to a true joint custody arrangement over Child. Mother and Father will work together to reach an agreement on all major issues concerning Child's welfare and upbringing (legal custody), and agree to a schedule where Child lives with each .

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Joint custody legal definition of joint custody